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We are a one stop IT solution for small to medium sized business.
We can install, upgrade or repair your hardware and software,
build you a website from a simple information page to a large
database driven site.

We can train your staff improving productivity and reducing downtime,
if you can solve a problem yourself you can get back to the job in
hand so much quicker (see our Help and FAQ's section)

However if things do go wrong we can support you by telephone, by
logging into your computer remotely or in more serious cases with
a site visit. At all stages in the process we talk to you, before
we commence any work we ask you what you want to achieve. In our
experience many users are alienated by IT Professionals' over use
of jargon, this is something we avoid. We are happy to take the
time to discuss your requirements and answer your questions thus
ensuring both parties are happy with the issues and scope of work
to be addressed.

We are not a reseller, but we can source hardware and software for
you, and wherever possible and practical we will re-use your
existing hardware and software and we will always give you the
cheapest solution.



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26th Nov. 2004

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